Yue Song

Yue Song

Full-Stack Developer
Boston Software Group Inc.

Full-stack developer with versatile technical skills to tackle any software development needs for the enterprise  


Thank you for visiting this page. I hope this page can provide a quick highlight of my professional background, skills and a quick demo of my capability as a full-stack software development professional.


  • Front-end: JavaScript, Angular, ReactJS, JQuery, HTML/CSS
  • Back-end: Java/J2EE/Spring, JavaScript/Node/Express, Python 3, C#, C/C++, Ruby on Rails, PHP
  • API and Single Sign-On Integration & Development
  • UI/Data Visualization: D3JS, Charts.js
  • DBMS: Microsoft/Azure SQL Server, MySQL, MongoDB, Oracle, AWS RDS

My Recent Work Experience

Boston Software Group Inc.

October 2017-Present, Boston, MA

Full-Stack Developer

• Working on software development projects for internal and clients.

Commonwealth Care Alliance

July 2018-June 2020 Boston, MA

Software Engineer (Contract)

● Leading the design and development of Revenue Reconciliation for Medicaid application’s infrastructure and batch processes

● Developed the front-end web-application by using Angular 6 independently , and back-end API by using C# .Net Core and Microsoft SQL Server; deployed the application on Microsoft IIS

● Design and Implement the Single Sign-On and role-based authorization by integrating with the IIS Windows Authentication

● Designed and implemented the real-time notification service and dynamic data visualization features which have improved operational efficiency

● Designed and developed the T-SQL stored procedures to batch process finance data

● Fixed critical bugs that hindered business operations by inspected and patching two black-boxes Ruby on Rails

● Developed DevOps process automation to support Linux operation & maintenance, MySQL database

backup and data migration on RHEL server by creating bash scripts

● Designed and developed the new app prototype to replace the legacy apps with Angular 6 front-end, Python-Flask RESTful API and Mysql stack.

UBQ Systems

October 2017-June 2018 Hopkinton, MA

Software Developer (Contract)

● Working as full-stack software development consultant in an agile startup team environment to develop an IoT and healthcare solution for retail and health care clients.

● Implement a front-end web/mobile application using Angular 5 and NodeJS.

● Implement backend RESTFul APIs using NodeJS/Express/MySQL and MongoDB.

● Create role-based responsive web applications to manage users, IoT devices, customers, companies, events, content, etc.

● Create visualization for dashboard and real-time data collected from IoT sensors.

● Implement Infrastructure-as-Code (IaC) & lead the DevOps process to support rapid deployment for product prototyping and demo environments on AWS cloud using CloudFormation and later switched to Terraform.

Green Choice (Startup)

October 2017-November 2017

Website UI/UX Designer

● Designed and implemented an innovative Green Score system to visualize food and beverage health and freshness scoring data using JavaScript+Canvas

Health Connexions

May 2017-July 2017

Website UI/UX Designer

● Completed the user interview and research to identity the user needs that contributed to the information architecture of the website.

● Designed and created and visual prototypes for the landing page and UI foundation by using Photoshop.

● Designed and performed iterative usability tests to improve the prototype designs.

● Implemented the landing page layout based on visual prototype via WordPress and custom CSS coding.

Jalidata Co. Ltd.

April 2016-March 2017

Backend Web Developer

● Developed a J2EE based payroll and profile management web application with MySql database that is

used for a cross platform enterprise HR management system.

● Involved the whole development cycle that determined the user requirements on the payroll system with the product manager and designed, implemented, tested and maintained the application.

● Designed, developed and documented JSON APIs by using JAVA with MyBatis, Struts and Spring frameworks.

● Designed and developed auto reminder functions by integrating Redis database into application.

● Collaborated and integrated the applications with colleagues by using the Git version control system.

● Created LoadRunner pressure test scenarios and monitored 92 backend interfaces response times on native servers and implemented the enhancements on unqualified interfaces.

● Led and documented code review meeting in the back-end development team that helps the team improve the applications.

Air China

May 2017-July 2017

Junior Flight Simulator Technician

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Boston Software Group Inc.

Yue Song – Full Stack Software Engineer

● Diagnosing and correcting 550 problems on the civilian flight simulators by applying diagnostic software and testing circuits which include subjective pilot acceptance testing.

● Work closely with engineers of varying discipline to assess and optimize flight simulators by checking and updating computer, network, mechanical and peripheral systems to meet flight simulato regulations.