UBQ Project Introduction

Competing in the Digital Era

When competing with online e-commerce companies, who can track online shoppers shopping behavior before customer checkout and knows almost everything about their shoppers, while for retailers, the only data they have are customer sales data that tie up with store’s royalty programs, and it does not have the visibility for things like:

o What products shoppers viewed, for how long?

o What other products were compared, or even what other sites were visited

o What products were added to shopping cart, removed, re-added, etc.

o retailer knows little about shoppers in-store behavior other than the articles they actually buy at register.

With UBQ Store Tracking system’s proprietary positioning technology, retailers can get accurate shoppers real-time position data, which can help understand shoppers in-store shopping behavior, like what online ecommerce company can do with their online shoppers, and have insight of:

o Which products/isles attracts most customers?

o Where customers spend most their time in the store?

o When customers most likely visit my product/isle? Any correlation between customer visit and the time of day

o I setup a new product counter at the prime spot of my store, does it attract customer attention? How much interest customer shows to my new isle design?

How Does Technology Work


Capture: using different Indoor Position Technologies to capture customers real time shopping position data:

Cameras are installed inside store at pre-defined locations and capture images of shoppers when they move around inside the store. Store can also use the existing surveillance camera already in use as well.

UBQ’s Store Tracking System will analyze the image data to identify shopper’s position and generate the data that maps shoppers trace inside the store


UBQ Systems’ analytical engine crunch the shopper’s position data using its proprietary algorithm to generate reports that meet retailers specific requirements with insights of their customer better.


UBQ Systems retail consultant will help retails ‘ to optimize store layout and design customized services to better fit customer needs and shopping habits. We will also help retailers to integrate with retailer’s existing store systems to leverage the collected customer behavior data.