Analyze customer behaviors & explore insights for physical store shoppers

What is UBQ

UBQ is named from u·biq·ui·tous
present, appearing, or found everywhere.

UBQ is one of innovation projects that initiated by Boston Software Group in 2018

What Business Problem UBQ Solves

  • Analyze customers in-store shopping behavior 
  • Provides business analytics, insights to improve customer shopping experience
  • Engage Customers at real-time (Future)

How Does UBQ Work


Analyze In-store Video Footage

Analyze store video footage using machine learning (ML) technology and extract useful information about customers’ shopping behavior and habits.


Explore Customer Insights

Generate analytics dashboard and insight reports by correlating customer shopping behavior and product sales data


Recommend Actions

Optimize Store Layout
Create effective Marketing and Promotion
Increase Customer Loyalty

Solution Overview

UBQ Video Analyzer: Quick Demo

Note: To protect privacy, we only analyze anonymous data for customers in public shopping areas.

Raw Video Footage

Processed Video (with position data)

Raw Video Footage

Processed Video (with position data)

Raw Video Footage

Processed Video (with position data)

Getting Started is Risk Free

What Your'll Provide

What Your’ll Provide

• Store video footage (1 week or more)
• Minimum resolution: 480p
• Store layout map (optional)



• Quick Turnaround: ~ 2 weeks
• Fee: starting at $5,000 for basic video analysis and dashboard/reports

What You'll Get

What You’ll Get

• Complete customer position data set
• A preliminary dashboard and insight reports *

* More sophisticated reports will require integration with your customer and sales data.

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