Pure iLab is our innovation lab focusing on technology research and new product development for solving business problems.

Product Innovation

We bring great ideas together and form product concepts.

Product Prototyping

We build PoC for investment and market.

Product Development

We help you bring great ideas to life.

IoT Technology

UBQ is one of projects being incubated in our Pure iLab. An MVP product has been designed & developed for applications in:

  • Retail
  • Event Management
  • Healthcare

Demo is now availalbe upon request.


Our iLab is researching blockchain technology & building prototype products in finance and healthcare applications.

Data Science Solution

We offer end-to-end data solution services, from data platform and solution to data analytics and science.

  • Retail
  • Healthcare
  • Digital marketing
  • Finance & business banking

Demo is availalbe upon request.

Security & Compliance

From Security architecture to engineering assessment, the goal is to protect data and privacy.

Mobile Accessibility Solution

Mobile Accessiblity is our specialized area of consulting practice to add core native device capability to your mobile solutions.

  • Voice recognition & TTS (text-to-speech)
  • Mobile automation
  • Event triggered or scheduled accessibility

Demo is availalbe upon request.