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BSG has been promoting professional collaboration, mentoring, career recommendation, and job referral among our community since 2015.

As our community grows, we are formalizing a framework to promote even further how we can grow as a professional community.

We Need Leaders

We invite professionals to join our community as BSG career development mentor for other junior professionals.

Basic Requirements

  • 3 + Years of Working Experience
  • Passion to help other professionals
  • Any Industry, Any Company
  • Any professional background
  • Anywhere in the world

What We Expect From You

[Important] You must have no conflict of interest with your current employer by working as BSG mentor even though it might be just a few hours of work.

  • From time to time, we will arrange one on one conversation for you to provide mentoring for our community members who are looking for career development advice and guidance from you.
  • From time to time, you will be invited to share career experience in the forms of webinar, seminar and other professional social events.

We understand you have a busy schedule. Your participation is only based on your availability.

Who Are the Mentees

The people who are looking for career development advice:

  • Students
  • New Graduates
  • Junior Professionals
  • Professionals who are seeking opportunities in a new industry/field

What Is It Like

  • Your profile (such as company name, industry and business domain, job title, # of years professional experience) will be visible to our BSG community who are seeking career development advice.
  • Your name and contact information is typically no shown unless you opt-in for showing your personal information.
  • You will let us know your available schedule and it will be visible to BSG community.
  • You will be scheduled to meet with our mentee and provide your 1-on-1 consultation and advice.
  • You will be reviewed and feedback will be solicited from mentee to ensure continuous improvement.

Let’s Talk About Money

Our goal is to design a sustainable BSG community model that combines both our passion of helping others, and compensation paid for contributors expertise and time.

We encourage volunteering, and yes, you will be paid if it is what you are expecting – we believe it is the great way to get a sustainable model in place to continuously benefit our BSG community.

The compensation depends on a lot of factors.

It is important to meet your financial expectation while it works for our community and mentee.

Contact us for details.

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