Data Platform

Data project starts with data platform, where the structured and unstructured data is stored and managed. Data platform provides a solid foundation for any data project, involving infrastructure design, data modeling, and integration. It also involves technical design to address information security and regulatory needs for

Typical skill: Data/Solution Architect

At BSG, our architects are trained to design on-premise, cloud, and hybrid data platform solutions.

Data Solution

Data solution involves data movement (ETL) across multiple systems to get data ready for use by data analyst.

Typical skill: Data & Integration Engineer

At BSG, our data engineers are trained to implement data ETL and integration solutions.

Data Analytics

With good data platform and data solution in place, data analyst can now focus on analyze and make sense of business data from various sources, structured and unstructured, and get business insights.

Typical skill: Business/Data Analyst

At BSG, our data analysts are trained to analyze data, create reports & data visualization dashboard

Data Science

Our data scientists (most of them have PhD degrees in statistics, mathematics) use data science and machine learning techniques to identifying “pattern” and “order” in various “messy” and “unrelated” data sources. This helps to drive innovative approach to identify new ground for business.